Hard-disk mounting

Material: TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer)
Colour: black
Hrdness: approximately 65 °Shore A
Temperature resistance: from -40 to +100° C
Fire resistance: UL94-V-0
Equals guideline: RoHS 2015/863/EU and EG 1907/2006 (REACH)


Article no.HDM2507010 oder 20
articlehard disk sizehard disk heightpanel thickness:
10 = from 0,75 to 1,25 mm
20 = from 1,50 to 2,50 mm
Size A: width outside
Size B: height outside
Size C: height inside
Size D: diameter of the plug-in peg
Size E gap between hard disk/ panel
Size F: depth overall
Size G: depth outside
Size H: height of the plug-in peg
Size S: clearance plug-in peg
Article no.ABCDEFGHSpanel thickness
HDM-25-070-1073,410,07,05,01,516,010,035,01,00,75 to 1,25
HDM-25-070-2073,410,07,05,01,516,010,04,52,01,50 to 2,50
HDM-25-095-1073,412,59,55,01,516,010,03,51,00,75 to 1,25
HDM-25-095-2073,412,59,55,01,516,010,04,52,01,50 to 2,50
HDM-35-254-10106,129,425,46,02,023,015,03,51,01,50 to 2,50
HDM-35-254-20106,129,425,46,02,023,015,04,52,00,75 to 1,25
All dimensions in mm!

Mounting information


Recommended cut-out/ dimensions for housing boxes or mounting frames.
With the elastic hard disk sleeves you can fix hard disks without tools in a very quick and safe way. Therefore the housingboxes or mounting frames needs to be manufactured/ adjusted accordingly. (see recommended cut-out and mounting examples). To assemble the hard disks with housing boxes or mounting frames you always need a pair of hard disk sleeves.

Mounting information:

Both hard disk sleeves will be pushed/ pulled over the hard disk, until the inside-pins of the sleeve will match to the drilled holes of the hard disk.

Please bear in mind, that the pins are justified downwards. Then the plug-in pegs of the sleeves need to be pushed into the conical cut-outs, until they have been snapped in.

Recommended cut-out for housing boxes and mounting frames.AB
for HDM-25-...5,2 (+0,2)0,5
for HDM-35-...6,2 (+0,2)1,0
All dimensions in mm!
By adjusting the size of radius R1 and the dimension of B the resistance of power to mount and dismount the hard disk sleeves can be altered.

Examples for mounting frames