Mounting styles, hole cut-outs and accessories for Type SLM

Mounting information

First of all pull the sleeve over the flange of the fan. Then plug in the four nipples through the drilled holes of the mounting panel and pull them out on the backside.

Dimensions hole cut-outsABX
for SLM-25-...202,8Form/ dimensions of Ø X are depending on the manufacturers of fans
for SLM-30-...242,8
for SLM-40-...324,3
for SLM-50-...40,0 / 42,04,3
for SLM-60-...504,3
for SLM-80-...71,54,3
for SLM-92-...82,54,3
for SLM-119-...1054,3
All dimensions in mm!
Type SLM is perfect for the subsequent installations/retrofittings of existing devices as the plug-in nipples are compatible to the existing hole cut-outs. They can be pulled through the existing drilled holes in the housing wall. In addition, suitable accessories are available like fan guard-EMI-shields and insect screens.

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