Radial blower fasteners

Material: TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer)
Colour: black
Hardness: approximately 65 °Shore A
Temperature resistance: from -40 to +100° C
Fire resistance: UL94-V-0
Equals guideline: RoHS 2015/863/EU and EG 1907/2006 (REACH)

Type RLBS with plug-in peg


Article number:

RLBS1503010 or 20
articleheight of radial blower dimensiongap between blower/panel dimensionpanel thickness:
10 = from 0,75 to 1,25 mm
20 = from 1,50 to 2,50 mm

Type RLBB with a drilled hole


Article number:

articleheight of radial blower dimension (mm)gap between blower/panel dimension
Standard types / dimensions
Size A12,015,020,022,025,027,030,033,040,0
All dimensions in mm! Other sizes on request!
Standard types / dimensions
Size B2,03,04,05,06,08,010,0--
All dimensions in mm! Other sizes on request!

Mounting styles and accessories


There are available two different types of radial blower fasteners with various distance dimensions depending on design heights of established radial blowers. To fix the radial blowers you always need a pair of fastening elements. For being able to fix radial blowers with elastic fastening elements you must provide the mounting panel or housing wall either with drilled holes, 8-shaped hole cut-outs or forced in pins. For sealing the vacuum– and pressure area, accessories like seal rings are available.

Radial blowers can be fixed screwlees and without tools in a very easy, quick and safe way by using our radial blower fasteners.

Type RLBB fasteners with a drilled hole need to be plugged-onto a forced-in pin on the mounting panel with dimensions of 3,0 x 6,0mm., with or without threads.
Type RLBS fasteners with plug-in peg can be fixed easy by plugging-into a slightly chamfered hole (diameter 5,5mm) in the mounting panel….

…or by plugging-in the peg into a 8-shaped perforation, first into the larger hole of the mounting panel and then push or pull them into the smaller hole.

Dimensions hole cut-outs
All dimensions in mm!

By adjusting the size A and the size of radius R the resistance of power to mount and dismount the radial blower fasteners can be altered.

Accessories / seal rings

The single-sided self-bonding seal rings can be attached to the mounting plate or the radial blowers to seal the vacuum – and pressure area.

The seal rings are available in various diameters, thicknesses of materials and different materials.

Standardmaterial: cellular rubber (EPDM 15) single-sided self-bonding.

Attention: The width of the seal-ring should be twice as much as the thickness of the used material.


Article no.DR34044020
articlediameter insidediameter outsidethickness of material

With our CO2 Laser we are able to cut out variable contours from various materials / filter materials, seal materials etc.

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