Axial Fan Fasteners

With the patented elastic sleeves you can fasten axial fans quickly and safely without tools and screws on a mounting plate or housing wall. Made of elastic material the sleeves absorb vibrations, so that the noise level can be reduced up to 9 db. The sleeves are available in two different types and are applicable with all standardized axial fans from various manufacturers.

Type LM with plug-in pegs

(recommended for new developments)

Using type LM fan sleeves is the fastest way to mount and dismount axial fans.

In addition, suitable accessories are available like fan guard-EMI-shields, coarse dust filters, insect screens and guard grills. All in combination with the fan sleeve type LM can be mounted without tools fast and safety.


Type SLM with plug-in nipples

(recommended for subsequent installations)

Type SLM is perfect for the subsequent installations / retrofittings of present devices as the plug-in nipples are compatible to the existing hole cut-outs.

They can be pulled through the present standard drilled holes in the housing wall.