Speaker fasteners

Material: TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer)
Colour: black
Hardness: approximately 65° Shore A
Temperature resistance: from -40 to +100° C
Fire resistance: UL94-V-0
Equals guideline: RoHS 2015/863/EU and EG 1907/2006 (REACH)

With the speaker fastening elements you are able to install small round speakers with a diameter of 50 mm such as the Digisound FE5050 or the VISATON K50WP.



  • Speakers can be fixed without tools, screwless, quick, simple and safe.
  • Lower installation costs due to shorter installation times and not any longer needed screws.
  • Prolongates lifetime of speakers while protecting against vibrations.
Article no.LSBE50SF / SN10 or 20
articlespeaker sizetype codedepends on panelthickness
Article no.Spanelthickness
LSBE-50-SN-100,750,75 to 1,50
LSBE-50-SN-201,752,00 to 3,50
LSBE-50-SF-101,00,75 to 1,25
LSBE-50-SF-202,01,50 to 2,50
All dimensions in mm!

Type SF

with plug-in pegs for a very quick plugin-turn or plug-in push/pull mounting style, including drilled holes to fix guard grills etc.


Type SN

with plug-in nipples to push/ pull through drilled holes.