Fan sleeves type LM

Material: TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer)
Colour: black
Hardness: ca. 65° Shore A
Temperature resistance: from -40 to +100° C
Fire resistance: UL94-V-0
Equals guideline: RoHS 2015/863/EU and EG 1907/2006 (REACH)

Size A: max. outside dimension
Size B: fan size
Size C: min. inside dimension
Size D: diameter of the plug-in peg
Size E: overall height of the fan sleeve
Size F: height of the fan sleeve without plug-in peg
Size G: flange thickness or fan height
Size H: height of the plug-in peg over the fan sleeve
Size S: clearance of the plug-in peg


For the article definition you need the fan size (size B), the flange thickness (size G/ see picture left) and also the panel thickness.

Small fans do not have an extra flange (see picture right).
For this fans the flange means the height of the fan (size G).

With * marked fan-types size G equals the fan height.


For rip type fans you need the sleeve-types with “-F” (free edges) i.e. LM-80-40-10-F

Article no.LM402010 or 20(F)
Articlefan sizefan flange thickness
panel thickness:
10 = from 0,75 to 1,25 mm
20 = from1,50 to 2,50 mm
free edges for rip type fans
Article no.ABCDEFGHSpanel thickness
LM-25-100-102725243,520,2512,25102,01,00,75 to 1,25
LM-25-100-202725243,521,2512,25102,01,01,50 to 2,50
LM-30-100-103330284,022,2513,2510,0*3,01,00,75 to 1,25
LM-30-100-203330284,023,2513,2510,0*4,02,01,50 to 2,50
LM-40-20-10-F4340384,514,755,2523,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-40-20-20-F4340384,515,755,2524,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-40-40-10-F4340384,516,757,2543,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-40-40-20-F4340384,517,757,2544,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-40-100-104340384,522,7513,2510,0*3,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-40-100-204340384,523,7513,2510,0*4,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-40-150-104340384,527,7518,2515,0*3,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-40-150-204340384,528,7518,2515,0*4,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-40-200-104340384,532,7523,2520,0*3,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-40-200-204340384,5337523,2520,0*4,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-50-25-10-F (-B40/42)5350484,515,255,752,53,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-50-25-20-F (-B40/42)5350484,516,55,752,54,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-50-100-10 (-B40/42)5350484,522,7513,2510,0*3,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-50-100-20 (-B40/42)5350484,523,7513,2510,0*4,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-50-150-10 (-B40/42)5350484,527,7518,2515,0*3,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-50-150-20 (-B40/42)5350484,528,7518,2515,0*4,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-50-200-10 (-B40/42)5350484,532,7523,3520,0*3,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-50-200-20 (-B40/42)5350484,533,7523,2520,0*4,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-60-30-10 (-F)6460585,017,57,534,01,00,75 to 1,25
LM-60-30-20 (-F)6460585,018,57,535,02,01,50 to 2,50
LM-60-40-10 (-F)6460585,018,58,544,01,00,75 to 1,25
LM-60-40-20 (-F)6460585,019,58,555,02,01,50 to 2,50
LM-80-30-10 (-F)8480775,817,57,534,01,00,75 to 1,25
LM-80-30-20 (-F)8480775,718,57,535,02,01,50 to 2,50
LM-80-40-10 (-F)8488775,818,58,544,01,00,75 to 1,25
LM-80-40-20 (-F)8480775,819,58,545,02,01,50 to 2,50
LM-80-50-10 (-F)8480775,820,59,554,01,00,75 to 1,25
LM-80-50-20 (-F)8480775,821,59,555,02,01,50 to 2,50
LM-92-40-10 (-F)9792896,019,59,544,01,00,75 to 1,25
LM-92-40-20 (-F)9792896,020,59,545,02,01,50 to 2,50
LM-92-50-10 (-F)9792896,021,510,554,01,00,75 to 1,25
LM-92-50-20 (-F)9792896,022,510,555,02,01,50 to 2,50
LM-95-60-10 (-F)9792896,023,511,564,01,00,75 to 1,25
LM-92-60-20 (-F)9792896,024,511,565,02,01,50 to 2,50
LM-119-40-10 (-F)1251191168,0229,544,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-119-40-20 (-F)1251191168,0239,545,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-119-50-10 (-F)1251191168,02410,554,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-119-50-20 (-F)1251191168,02510,555,52,01,50 to 2,50
LM-119-60-10 (-F)1251191168,02611,564,51,00,75 to 1,25
LM-119-60-20 (-F)1251191168,02711,565,52,01,50 to 2,50
All dimensions in mm!